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Furhat Robotics is a conversational AI and social robotics startup, developing the world’s most advanced social robot.

Furhat is perfect for researchers and academics looking to use humanoid robots in their research. The Furhat Robot Development Kit (RDK) comes with a suite of powerful tools to create new faces and gestures for Furhat, capture expressive movement from users, curate coordinated performances with Furhat’s eyes, head movements, voice, and facial expressions, enabling developers and designers to make full use of Furhat’s expressive capabilities. Furhat also comes with a state-of-the-art conversational platform that allows you to easily program rich multi-modal, multi-party interactions using high-level abstractions.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Furhat has won many scientific and innovation awards, is cited over 500 times on Google Scholar and is currently working with some of the world’s most visionary companies and universities to make the dream of human-like robots a reality.

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