Uno Family

Uno Family is multi-functional and comprehensive intelligent AGV-based indoor robot type that comprehensively adopts technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data, and has the ability of autonomous perception, autonomous walking, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous identification, automatic detection, Facilities management via artificial intelligence video analysis (VA) etc., which promotes the upgrading of a variety of intelligent services and reduces the operating costs of services.


Our Uno Indoor Patrol Robot is designed for navigation within indoor buildings. It possesses the capability to be programmed with a multi-layer map and can autonomously utilize elevators when integrated with the elevator system, facilitating multi-floor patrolling. This robot is an ideal choice for patrolling a diverse range of environments, including schools, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, and offices. Moreover, it proves invaluable in exhibition and expo settings, where it aids in tour guidefeatures , enviorment management, etc. Additionally, it can assist with issuing announcements, facilities management like the lighting detection, gabage overflow detection, falling down detection and so on, ensuring comprehensive security measures. It is well-suited for patrolling schools, warehouses, shopping mall, hospitals and commercial/residential building and offices.

GSC patrol robot

GSC patrol robot is to achieve active patrol and security, inspection of a new breakthrough, with the help of intelligent robot technology features can be achieved patrol, patrol, monitoring the three trinity complement each other. The core technology of GSC patrol robot includes low-speed unmanned driving technology of the body (composed of chassis technology, sensor combination and autonomous navigation technology), laser radar positioning technology, artificial intelligence video analysis (VA)technology and network transmission, platform management and control related technology. In particular, 5G applications are gradually beginning to be commercialised, and in the future, intelligent inspection robots can complete more tasks with the help of 5G features.


Autonomous Driving Solution

Teksbotics is a dynamic and customer centric high technology company with special focus on Autonomous Driving, Robotics and A.I.

Teksbotics offers safe and cost-effective driverless products and solutions to Hong Kong, Macau and Asia Pacific customers. We aimed to solve different kinds of passenger and logistics transportation problems.

We hope to bring driverless technology into our daily life and use advanced driving technology and artificial intelligence to rebuild our transportation system. We hope to make passenger and logistics transportation more efficient and create a better life for our human world.


Robotics & Artificial Intellgence

Teksbotics (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a dynamic technology company incorporated in Hong Kong with special focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. Teksbotics’s Vision is to become a leading robotics company in the Greater China Region.

We are committed to create values for our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and act as an important gateway between robotics/AI companies and China B2B/B2C market.


AI Solution

AI can be harnessed to optimize business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance efficiency. For instance, companies can use AI to streamline supply chain management, improve logistics, and enhance production processes.

AI companies should invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Innovations in AI algorithms, natural language processing, and computer vision can drive competitive advantage.